Instrument Repairs, Maintenance and Modifications

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Here at my workshop I am fully equipped to deal with any repairs, setups or restorations as well as modifications that you may need or desire for a fretted stringed instrument.

Modifications, Maintenance and Repairs

The possibilities for upgrading or customising your instrument are vast; whether it be replacing standard pickups in electric guitars for custom pickups with multiple switching options or choosing better machine-heads.

Instruments inevitably need attention from time to time to keep them working like (or better than) new.

Whether you have a buzzing string, broken tuner, electrics that won’t work or you just want to refresh the guitar with a new set of strings and a setup, then I am here to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Brand new guitars, from the most basic right up to those worth thousands of pounds leave the factory with only the most simple of setups before being displayed in a shop window.

Without exception a new guitar will benefit greatly from a professional setup.

Older instruments also benefit from a ‘service’ just as a car would to keep them performing as well as you are used to.

A setup typically includes:

  • Polish frets
  • Clean and oil fingerboard
  • Check and adjust relief
  • Improve intonation
  • Raise or lower action at the nut and bridge saddle according to your wishes
  • Set the instrument up for your preferred gauge of strings
  • A new set of strings

Fret Dress

A guitar may also benefit from a fret dress as well as a setup if the frets are uneven or there are wear marks in the frets.

This involves:

  • Level the frets to a uniform height
  • Re crown and dress the frets
  • Polish


Guitar strings wear down frets over time, to the point where the instrument is unplayable because of buzzes.

A refret is needed to make the instrument play the way it should.

The old frets are carefully removed, the fret slots cleaned and fretboard prepared and levelled. New frets are installed, levelled, crowned and polished.

Nut and Saddle Replacement

I use bone for new nuts and saddles. Bone improves tone and sustain and is a marked improvement over plastic that is commonly used for nuts and saddles.

Structural repairs

It is a heart sinking moment when a prized instrument falls off a stand or is knocked over and hits the floor. I regularly repair damage to guitars:

  • Broken necks
  • Cracked backs and sides
  • Cracked soundboards
  • Loose bridges
  • Loose braces
  • And many more...

Please get in touch for more information...

Guitar repairs and maintenance

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